Branding for DT Care

Service by WebKIV

Project Detail

Components of the corporate identity for medical topics don’t differ from the usual set. Their core includes a color scheme, a logo, a trademark and fonts, and sometimes a slogan. Further, examples are developed of the design of forms, business cards, souvenirs. We didn’t  forget about the scaling of all the elements, so that the logo is equally readable on any site – from the site’s favicon to the billboard in urban conditions. In the sphere of medical services, one needs to think about branding the form of personnel and decorating the premises. All elements of the institution – from the site to the reception desk should broadcast a single image and message. For medicine, this is a set of associations such as security, trust, professionalism and manufacturability. Nobody will treat health problems in a place that is not trustworthy or associated with danger. That’s why we picked a green color for this branding.

ClientDT Care
Project Date14 July 2017
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