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Evolution of mobile applications continues to evolve. As applications move away from standalone platforms and are integrated into mobile strategies, many companies are reviewing the reasons why they started their mobile journey in the first place.
It is no longer acceptable to have an application just for the sake of its use. The huge influence of mobile was recognized, and we began to evaluate it as an integral part of business. Measuring the success of an application’s marketing strategies differs from measuring traditional marketing areas for several reasons. Mobile is new, and it is also developing rapidly. This means that work today can not work tomorrow.

App Design

The design of mobile applications plays a role in creating a service. Functionality and utility is the main thing for users, but if the design does not attract or even complicates the work with the application – it will be immediately deleted.

App Strategy

Most customers and developers, inventing, implementing and developing applications still expect not only to bring useful services to the world, but also to profit or at least recoup the costs associated with developing the application.

App Marketing

The common question facing marketers is how to sell your application. Thus, this requires a new approach to marketing. Some of the unique problems faced by marketers entering the arena of mobile applications are unfamiliar channels, problems with targeting, understanding of downloads compared to users, the rating of the application store and much more.

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